Tuesday Update - 16 Jan 2018

Ok - So it's been a minute since i posted anything right?  Well, that's because I'm a biiiit of a perfectionist.  Which I have recently come to realize is not a good thing, because I started to read a book.  A book called Finish, by Jon Acuff.

I'm using sentence fragments, which means I'm seriously in danger of digressing, so let's refocus!

Run Die Repeat! It's not Dead(TM).  No - it most certainly isn't - but it did stall there for a moment, mostly because I simply could not rectify the fact that it wasn't completely perfect.  It took reading something that I pretty much already knew as a truth for me to realize that nothing can ever be truly perfect, and striving for such is only the quickest way to crash and burn - because the opposite of perfection is finished, *not* failure (/HT John Acuff).

So what does that actually mean for Run Die Repeat?

It means that it is finished in it's current version and level layout. It means that I can call it "done" and begin working on new features.  It means that I have reached a point where I can say "I've hit a milestone, and I'm now going to release it to the world, for good or bad, and learn from it's experiences out there."

Yes - that's right. I'm calling it version 1.0.

And I'm going to push that version 1.0 (whiiiiiich I'm still technically considering early access...) to Steam, Itch, and GameJolt.

And then get ready to use what I've learned from the experience to start on the first level pack.

So - happy dying everyone! Coming soon to a store near you! Releasing v1 in 30-ish days.

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